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Default Re: It's don't need to read music

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Ok, but who was I actually referencing as working musicians? Obviously these guys have to read music - that is the tradition within their field and will always remain that way. But what is the ratio of 'Classical' musicians to more contemporary styles? .
Yes, but by putting a huge bias on your comments you were missing out the masses to focus on the minority.

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Unless you're saying that people who don't read can't be musicians - which is just pure snobbery.
Oh no, you can't get me for that. Not a notion I subscribe to or have commented on. My original post was about GCSE's not musicians.

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
When did you sit GCSE's? I would have thought that I sat mine far more recently than you did. They are not worth anything academically and therefore become an exercise that is distinctly NOT academic. At least within the Arts courses. Why do so many Musicians come from Art School? Most of Pink Floyd did for instance, and so did Brian Eno (although he is an exception with regards to his theoretical knowledge). A lot of musicians do not actually study music academically anyway and the GCSE really is not treated like an academic exercise. I sat mine four years ago and I doubt little else has changed. .
Yep, you win. I did mine in 1985 ish. Their worth is not in question these days. But as an exam that is taken in academic establishments they have to be classed as an academic exercise. The fact that we have reduced their difficulty to the point where they are no longer credible (Oh yes, we agree here!) does not change their intention which is as an academic exercise.

There you go again, because Pink Floyd and Brian Eno came from an Art School background every contemporary musician did! That is just not true. A lot of the Punk 'musicians' came from the dole.

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
The most academic exams I've ever sat for music were my Classical Singing and Theory exams. The level of knowledge required there was far higher; but they were Formal examinations the GCSE isn't necessarily a Formal qualification. There's nothing formal about the GCSE teaching theory. There isn't much mention of theory - it's much more about listening skills and interaction with others in the musical environment. Unless that's changed drastically in four years - I'd like to see evidence otherwise.
Your experience with your Classical Singing and Theory exams seems to have impacted on you because you found them more difficult. The GCSE is a formal examination/qualification. The teaching and content, I will wholeheartedly agree, leaves a lot to be desired but it is still a formal qualification assessed by countrywide educational bodies.

My Daughter (nearly 12) did listening skills and interraction in a musical environment when she was 3 in a musical kindergarten ;o) She's shown some talent for drums but has gone onto the dark side and started singing lessons.....she does have the temperament for a lead singer!!!
OK, OK It's back to rudiments for me! I'll be back in a few months
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