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Default Re: Help with speakers?

Originally Posted by crdirtRider856 View Post
...rated 100 watts per channel minimum RMS power...
Okay, here's where I get confused with all of this rating stuff. I've seen the following words used, interchanged with one another on different speakers to mean totally different things, or sometimes the same (yes, I've compiled a list);

minimum continuous
continuous pink noise
minimum continuous pink noise
minimum RMS
maximum RMS
maximum program
maximum continuous
maximum load

I understand that there are different ratings for different impedance levels (ohms), and there should be 3 ratings on each speaker for watts (minimum, program, maximum), but all of the different terminology that could potentially mean either the same thing or something completely different is baffling to me.

From what I can gather, it sounds as if you need 2 (home theatre) speakers that run at 100 watts each. For a home stereo system, or a PA system running recorded music (like a DJ would do), I've heard that since you're using a constant signal, you want your speakers to have a rating that is similar to your amp. If you're doing live music, the rules are different, but that doesn't pertain to this thread.

I would forego it all, though, and use a powered 2- or 3-way speaker with a 15" woofer and take the signal straight out of the computer's line out or headphone jack. That way, you know that the speaker can handle it. Also, it's been my experience that speakers used as mains for a PA system are much more durable than those used in a home theatre system.
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