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Default Re: Help with speakers?

100 Watts a channel is pretty damn powerful for a home Stereo amp. That's probably your problem with blowing speakers right there. Don't run it flat out on your system - check the lower load limit on your speakers (no idea) and rate your output to that. You also need to check the Impedence - if your speakers are rated to 16 Ohms, then driving them hard with that 100 Watt amp will do a lot of damage if you're not very careful.

20Hz-50K? Pretty tidy. That's what's required to run CD's (44.1 KhZ) and the distortion level is quite low. Sounds like a decent amp actually. The lineout is just a standard level output to put into another ancillary device - so if you wanted to use a submixer, that's what I'd recommend you use.

EDIT: I just want to qualify my 100 Watt = powerful message. Most home systems do not have this kind of output on their amps. Home Theatre systems I've seen up to 500 Watt, but they're integrated units with specific speakers and they also need large bass drivers (higher output required) for the subwoofers in these systems. However, the record for a home system I've come across is an old Music Teacher of mine from my old school, who had a pair of speakers (and the specific amp) that were rated at 2,000 Watts. Yeah. That was impressive when they unleashed 'Handel's Messiah' on an impressionable 15 year-old.

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