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Of course, we're the people that park our car where we're not supposed to park it if we get a parking ticket... but parking tickets are high as hell these days! I got one recently, 60 euros. 2 euros being the actual fine, and the other 58 "administration costs". Seriously, that's what the ticket said! So I pay 2 euros for the parking. Fine. But the other 58 goes to some incompetent a$$ who has to copy-paste a number into a form and press ok twice, and then goes out to get coffee and donuts to regain his strength.
I have no problem paying a fine if I break a law, whether I knew better or not. But this is rediculous.
The 250 pounds is probably 20 for the clamping and releasing and 230 for coffee and donuts. It would probably have been cheaper and less of a pain to beat up the parking official ;)
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