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Default Re: It's don't need to read music

Originally Posted by jonescrusher View Post
Another classic example of whinging Middle England. They speak of music GCSE as if it's actually relevant. Fact is, some GCSEs are more important than others; depending on schools students usually get a choice in which arts and languages courses they take. I had to choose between art or music, and fearing the fact that i couldn't read melodic staves chose to do art, and i'm talentless at art. Only after did i see that the academic acheivement in arts subjects isn't what's important; they're more about providing a rounded education. Not having to read sheet music doesn't stop a music GCSE providing some basic knowledge on the subject. In perspective, GCSEs are about the testing of the basics in whatever subject. A pupil who has a real desire to study music (and be able to read it) is going to choose to carry on studying at A-level. Then things get tougher.
Music GCSE isn't there to turn children into musicians. That's what extra-curricular music lessons are for.
And it's good to read Damon Albarn is still a tosser.
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That is all.
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