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Default Re: It's don't need to read music

Another classic example of whinging Middle England. They speak of music GCSE as if it's actually relevant. Fact is, some GCSEs are more important than others; depending on schools students usually get a choice in which arts and languages courses they take. I had to choose between art or music, and fearing the fact that i couldn't read melodic staves chose to do art, and i'm talentless at art. Only after did i see that the academic acheivement in arts subjects isn't what's important; they're more about providing a rounded education. Not having to read sheet music doesn't stop a music GCSE providing some basic knowledge on the subject. In perspective, GCSEs are about the testing of the basics in whatever subject. A pupil who has a real desire to study music (and be able to read it) is going to choose to carry on studying at A-level. Then things get tougher.
Music GCSE isn't there to turn children into musicians. That's what extra-curricular music lessons are for.
And it's good to read Damon Albarn is still a tosser.
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