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Congrats Jason,

You have the BEST MOMENT OF YOUR WHOLE LIFE about to happen.

Everything you thought was fantastic in your life pales in comparison to what you are about to receive.

My first daughter was born C Section. The second that she cried for the first time, my entire life completely changed. I mean my life just changed in an instant. Everything I did, had a new perspective. It was like an out of body experience. Very spiritual. And I am not a religious or spiritual person!

I cried so loud, the nurses just looked at me! It was overwhelming in such a positive way.

Before my daughter was born, I was afraid to even touch an infant. But, it must have been instinct kicking in, because I just "knew" what to do with my daughter. Changing, feeding, holding. It was all just natural feeling. While my ex was in recovery from the C Section, I was alone with my daughter for the first couple of hours. Measuring, weighing and all that stuff. I will never forget taking care of her that first hour. Just holding her and being completely amazed. Definitely the best single moment of my entire life.

You might have additional kids in the future, but this experience with your first one will be like no other experience in your past or future. Enjoy it. I have a second daughter, and she is equally amazing, but I had already been "changed" into a father by the first one. I didn't have that "normal person to father" experience to go through again.

Also, get lots of pictures. They grow so fast. Before you know it your child will be 11 years old like my oldest daughter is now!!!!!

Again, congrats Jason!!!!
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