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Default Re: Help with speakers?

Hmm...if you crank a home entertainment system for hours, then you probably will do some damage no matter what. Stuff breaks down eventually, and it will break down faster if used at or near its maximum potential.

You need to make sure that your watts and ohms are correctly matching up, or else you will constantly blow speakers or amplifiers. I haven't looked into receivers/speakers for a while, but I am putting together a PA right now and know about PA specs and what to do and not do.

The statement, "I always make sure that what I run can handle my receiver's output" concerns me. Are your speakers' watt ratings above the amp's output watt rating? That could very well be your problem. The amp has to drive the signal against the right amount of impedance, so as to not push too hard to get too much or not enough signal through. The speaker needs to have enough signal to not cause it to clip (from lack of signal strength), but also to not have too much to overpower it. If you have questions about impedance/ohms/watts, feel free to PM me (or post it here if you want everyone to see).

My advice would be to get a powered main speaker...with a horn and a 15" speaker. At least 250 watts, I would imagine. When you take your signal out of your computer or receiver for a powered speaker, though, make sure to take it out of the "line out" jack rather than an amplified jack.

Also, I would strongly suggest wearing hearing protection if you're not already. Sounds like your practicing could do some damage to your hearing as well...
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