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Default Re: Tim "Herb" Alexander

Originally Posted by hateplow View Post
I'm sure there is a thread on him already.
The most influential drummer in my life, by far. A perfect mesh of funk, rock and metal. One of the "cleanest" drummers around. Frizzle Fry and Sailing the Seas of Cheese are 2 of the greatest drumming albums ever.
So...I guess he's pretty the main point i'm driving at.
Well, I went through [size="3"]everypage of drummers here and didnt see his name, so if there is, sorry. But yeah, his style is such a mix, its really fun to listen to and gain inspiration from.Personally, I absolutely love Tales From the Punchbowl, but pretty much any Primus album is gold....From what I read at his page, Pork Soda was a"dark" period for him, I dont think it particulary reflects in his playing on that cd, but when compared to Seas of Cheese, it s definitely less "funky".

As for sounding "tired" recently(as Gongbass said) I cant really respond because I havent heard anything new or seen him play in a few years.I hope he s doing good these days and cant wait for something new. I think Antipop was just great and when I saw the "Hallucigenetics(?)" show, I was thoroughly impressed.

"I am Antipop, A Renegade of Funk Til the Day I Die" Gotta love Les!/SIZE]
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