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Default Help with speakers?

When I play along to music, I use a mix of headphones and speakers. But I like the speakers to be clearly audible over the natural volume of the drums. I have a 200 watt receiver which is supplied by my computer.

As of today, I have pretty much blown every set of speakers I have ran through this system. 200 watts is really not that powerful, but I guess after being played for 2-4 hours at a time, at full volume, has shown to be too much for what I have used. I have tried high-end Bose, low end MTX and too many others to recall. I always make sure that what I run can handle my receiver's output, and have asked the guys from Best Buy for help, to no luck.

So I need some help here. I always buy speakers with a return- warrantee, as I have come to expect them to blow out and be returned eventually. Should I stick with normal non-powered speakers, or should I look into some lower end, "powered" moniter or P.A. type deal?

I m not looking for crystal clear, top of the line clarity. I just want a set that will be able to handle a few hours of loud music without shutting off to "cool down" or blowing out after 2-3 months of heavy use.
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