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Originally Posted by TheIronCobr4 View Post
I've been a Metallica fan ever since my friend turned me on to them, but I could never agree with him on the fact of Lars being a great drummer. I wouldn't ever consider Lars great, even on Justic because if you see videos of him live he still struggles to reproduce those songs. I don't understand why he makes songs that he can't play live when in my opinion, playing live is where it really counts.

There is no denying Lars' influence and ethusiasm on stage and for Metallica in general. His drumming just so happens to fit the music he plays and somehow he gets by. There is no reson to put him on a pedastal, especially now when he has totally slipped to an all time low.
These are my feelings exactly. You can't deny his impact on drumming and metal (and Justice is in my top 5 of all time), but he really struggles live. He is the epitome of overplaying.

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