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This guy is great. Great musician, nice friendly guy. I was on an organ trio gig with this great organist and sax player ( who is a great drummer also) and Tommy walked in with his family on Mother's day at this brunch gig. I recognized him imediately as we were playing and gave him a big smile from across the room but was also like "Oh shit! It's Tommy Igoe (made me a little nervous) and he smiled back and waved. I pretty much left him alone the whole time as him and his family sat down to eat but at the end we decided to try to call him up and at first he didn't want to, but then he came up and I switched the drums righty (I'm a lefty) and the sax player Danny called Moment's Notice pretty fast and Tommy played absolutely great on it and took a solo over a chorus or two and came right back in smoothly. Man, that's a hell of a tune to just call on someone and Tommy kicked it! He also played brushes on the whole tune which was pretty impressive. This was one of those joints that your too loud before you even set up! lol! We talked a little afterwards and he was on his way and we were done for the day. I reminded him that we had met before through a friend of mine that had studied with him and he remembered. Man, what a nice guy....
I love hearing stories like this about great players who are nice people. My drummer friends in New York are all freaking out about his band in New York, I'm definitely going.
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