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Originally Posted by jado View Post

Es Jesus! Como andas? We met in NYC! Recuerdas? Dude, just want some advice from you, in your dvd you make an exercise where you play the clave in your left foot and two on the feet and two on the hands, could you give me some advice to achive this independence exercise?

Todo lo mejor para ti! Espero que toda vaya bien! All the best!

Hey bro , of course remember.
What i did was to break every bar down by beats. Check out where the clave is landing, on what hand or on which bass drum beat. Loop each bar or beat until you can play it consistently then add the next beat and the next and then do the same with the next bar. Until you can play 2 bars without stopping. Do it over and over until it feels natural. Then move on to the next permutation. They will get easier as you master the process.
Hope that helps
Live to play!
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