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Default Re: Phil Maturano here!

Hey bro, Glad you liked it.

I imagine the snare part of the solo is the beginning? I always try to keep my grip as loose as possible. Sometimes it works, sometimes emotion might take over. Most of the time if my grip is not loose I do not get the speed needed. I use as much rebound as possible and let the phrases come from movements rather then stickings. This helps keep my grip loose.

Seat height i tend to adjust according to the gig. If its a gig where I have to do lots of L foot clave or DB...I sit higher. Funk and jazz...lower. Also...I was having knee trouble years ago from so many years behind the kit. I mentioned it to Stan at Pro drum in LA and he heard the same story from many drummers since he opened the shop! The general view he got from the collective research into this, was that the cartilage in the knee wears out if you stay playing in the same position. Attacking the angle of the knee wears out the cartilage more evenly. I guess this cartilage does not grow back as time passes. So when it wears out the bones start rubbing together and ouuucchh! So thats why I sit at different positions. I have been fine since the position changes and that has been around 10 years now.

HI hat position is usually pretty forward...near the first tom more then closer to the body.
I play the pedal according to whatever effect is needed.
I hope that helps and thanks for watching.
Big Hugs
Live to play!
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