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Default Re: if drummerworld were a party...

Originally Posted by crdirtRider856 View Post
Stop , you re makin me hungry...dont take that the wrong way...(which I know you all will)

Dont worry you'll be well taken care of, CDR, the menu is awesome:

JC & the playmates are in charge of the bar requirements..

MFB will have the Guiness going on tap in an OakCustom keg that he is having shipped into Phoenix.


SickRick's is getting some Reggae munchies called Dreadnuts that make you really really hungry. Its a mixture of German bratwurst sausage and Jamaican herbs
( Hope he's coming, huh? )

Negretty is bringing in some funky smoked Norwegianwood herring salad.

Paracor will then serve braised parrot in a wine sauce. Its is a famous French dish called 'Polly rhy' thum.'

Katman's doing a Braai, a South African barbecue, with all kinds of meat just dripping off the bone and the flavors trapped in the Bubinga smoke just exploding in through your nostrils into your brain.

Jay Norem's got the jazzy green salad topped with salt peanuts. This you gotta eat with brushes, though.

Jeff Almeyda's got Pasta di Mangini. Best enjoyed with a scotch double & heel up...really fast.

Post dinner, Steamer's bringing Acoustic Turkish Delights. He calls this sweet dish ' Stan's buls'. Truly a PEACE de resistance.

Deltadrummer bringing in a Half-Baked Bernard Purdie Souffle.

Bernard is bringing himself ...and thats enough.

..the rest of us gonna eat........................gonna drink.

PS - At the end of the evening, DB will be handing out AfroCuban cigars and as after- dinner smokes.

Unix will be presenting every guest with an autographed 13x51/2 hand crafted stave snare as a momento to mark this historic event.

See you all there soon.

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