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N.J.J. has influenced me quite a bit as a drummer. Since 1999 I have tried to create my own sound and my own style as an aspiring percussionist, and got my beginnings not just on the kit, but also as a symphony percussionist, having played other instruments such as Timpany, Stand Up Bass Drum, Triangle, Xylaphone, Concert Snare, and other percussion instruments such as congas, tamborines, hand cymbals, and others. Since my start in '99 I have grown to love his style even though it highly relies on his footwork, and only recently having tried to get my feet to move as fast as his can I really say that I honor him for his work because it is damn hard to get it perfect. He might be somewhat of a linear styled drummer, but it works very well for his music, it contributes to his band, and it still shows his skill as he more often than not breaks into a crazy beat or groove that you are not expecting, but generally that tends to happen in the studio during a warmup as opposed to a live show- or so I have heard. And for his height, about 5'5", he packs a hell of a punch on those drums of his. So with that being said I think those who believe he is just a linear drummer without much skill are entitled to their opinions, but should pay respect to him because he has obviously done very well for himself and has gone very far. Someday I'd love to meet the man even if it was for a short while and I could only ask him a few questions...which of course if that was the case, would take me quite a bit to think about :P And finally I just wanted to add I just picked up a really nice '82 pearl vintage birch kit in blood red, and of course I picked up the JJ Sig. Snare, Sticks, and P2000C PowerShifter Eliminator Pedals which sound absolutely bloody AMAZING. I dream of someday owning an MMX Masters kit like his, complementary to one of my other custom kits.
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