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Default Re: My Custom Painted Ludwigs

Thanks for the suggesstions. I know the stain ran down the masking tape at a few parts, but overall I'm pleased with the look.

For those of you who want to know how I did it:

First off, I took the wrap off the drums. Basically, as someone had previously told me from drummerworld, if the wrap is cheap, you are lucky because it will have glue only at the beginning and the end. Be careful when you rtake off the wrap in order not to take some of the wood out as well.

After the wrap is off, there is sure to be some residue left on the wood. I used a "wood-friendly" to take care of that.

Then you sand...
...and sand more...
...and more...
...and guess what?


This stage is sooo painstakingly long. Butt it must be done. Make sure you sand evenly with sandpaper.

Next, you can apply your design with masking tape.

When you are done with that, you apply the stain. Though it seems like i used two diffrent stains, I didnt. the light part of the drums is actually the natural wood with venner (clear coat) over it.

So what I did was to stain the whole thing with the masking tape. Let it dry, and stain it again. Wait for it to dry and then stain it a third time.

When that was dry, I took off the masking tape, and applied a clear coat. Again, wait for it to dry and then apply anohter clear coat.

And what you see is the end result.

I hope that helped.

Keep the comments coming please! :D

and feel free to contact me at
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