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Default Re: Visiting NY next summer - need help with a place to stay + drum teachers!

Originally Posted by Zorlee View Post
Thank you guys SO much for your answers! Itīs so amazing to see that you guys are so helpful and friendly! Thatīs what I truly love about you americans!

Anyway, I thank you for your offer, dirtrider, but I found a pretty affordable hostel (Big Apple Hostel) at 43 dollars a night, and thatīs really good, considering itīs location! And Iīm only going to be sleeping there, not staying there at daytime.
Iīve sent emails to both Dom Famularo and Tommy Igoe, but itīs probably a bit too soon to schedule anything really..

BUT It would be really cool to meet some of you guys! =)
What other teachers, clubs/venues or whatever drum-related stuff would you recommend me to see in New York?

Zorlee :)
My jazz quartet is looking to be employable by the end of the fall, so I'll keep you posted.:) There's nothing like shameless self-promotion.

You have to be vigilant; check the Village Voice for what's happening. I was in the city for a weekend a while back and someone told me they had seen this kick ass drummer at the Village Vanguard the night before. When I checked the Voice, it was only 'El Negro.' I wasn't vigilant and I missed it.

John Riley plays Mondays at the Vanguard with The Jazz Orchestra. Paul Motian is also there a lot. Last time I saw him, he asked my, "How can you be so f$%^cking stupid." Real nice guy. I'll have to get back to him on that. I've been insulted by other legends. It's just fun being insulted by a legend.
Les Paul plays the Iridium on Monday nights.
Another legend, Billy Hart is around a lot.
Dave Weckl and Steve Smith are usually around here and there.
You can check out Small's and the Jazz Standard, and yes, even Coca Cola's up at Columbus Circle. Monday nights they ahev new talent.
The Cutting Room used to have an open jam Mondays at 11:30. I don't know if that's still on.

a lot of places have student discounts, half price for the second set, so bring your student ID.

Where are you from?
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