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Mike Portnoy is one of the most influental drummers towards my drumming career ever.

I love his style of drumming. I remember my drum teacher when I was younger introducing his type of drumming to me and since them I'm hooked.

I don't care what you people say a lot of his drum may seem easy or not as technical as it could be. But I challenege you when your writting a song to come up with the ideas that he does come up with and that's a whole other story. He is one of the few drummers that has master interchanging time signatures in and out. He can easily warp and twist a song to change its feel instantly.

I began to truly take not of his genious in the song the Mirror. One of my friends who is a very talented guitarist pointed out that Pettrucci is littlerally playing the same notes over and over and again. The only thing that is changing the feel of the song is Portnoy's ability to weave in out of time signatures with ease.
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