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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Latzanimal---thanks for your kind words!

dwsabianguy-- I'm sure there is some sort of stereo field going on, but we didn't do a 5.1 if that's what you mean. It's funny what an organic thing recording is.....over the 4 days the mics didn't move and nothing changed. There are sections where the drums are particularly sweet sounding and others where it might be a shade darker or different in some way. The differences are minute but noticeable to me. Nonetheless I hope you it satisfies you and that you dig it.

mind drummer--- Thanks a lot! Yeah, I was very flattered by Deen's compliments in his MD interview. He's such a nice guy and we had a lot of fun on the Styx/Journey tour in '03. He's quite a bad-ass player and have you heard him sing? WOW. Tremendous. He called me around the holidays and wanted to come down for a visit and that's the last I heard from him. I'm sure our paths will cross before the year is over.

Thanks again, guys!
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