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Default Re: Visiting NY next summer - need help with a place to stay + drum teachers!

Thank you guys SO much for your answers! Itīs so amazing to see that you guys are so helpful and friendly! Thatīs what I truly love about you americans!

Anyway, I thank you for your offer, dirtrider, but I found a pretty affordable hostel (Big Apple Hostel) at 43 dollars a night, and thatīs really good, considering itīs location! And Iīm only going to be sleeping there, not staying there at daytime.
Iīve sent emails to both Dom Famularo and Tommy Igoe, but itīs probably a bit too soon to schedule anything really..

BUT It would be really cool to meet some of you guys! =)
What other teachers, clubs/venues or whatever drum-related stuff would you recommend me to see in New York?

Zorlee :)
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