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nah dude, It depends on what BC Rich model you are talking about. The Warlock, even though it looks uncomfortable, is actually by far the most comfortable guitar ive ever played. The shape at the bottom allows you to put it over your left leg as you would do with a footstool, but you dont actually have to buy a footstool. The necks are also very comfortable to play on. And also the warlock is a neck through guitar (the neck and the rest of the guitar is all one piece unlike most guitars where the neck is seperate).

If you wanna go a little higher quality than those, i would suggest buying a Schecter. At the moment i own a Schecter C-1 Classic and it is amazing. Not only is it a neck through gutiar, but it also comes with Seymour Duncan Humbuckers. Along with that, it can be used for hardcore metal, or a clean jazz. Also, it is one of the nicest guitars ive ever seen with its amazing finish and "vine of life" inlay. Only problem is it has only 2 little knob things to adjust the volume and stuff.
Clearly you haven't played enough guitars. I've played Warlocks and Beasts and never found them comfortable in the slightest - the mere fact that you HAVE to play it over the left leg says enough really. The only kind of guitar I've found more impractical for sitting down is a Flying V, and I've played a few variants of those as well. Not comfortable either having to support the neck with the left hand.

In the last two years I've played: Several Stratocasters (I own one) a PRS Santana SE (again, I own), several Telecasters (as well as a custom-made Siggery Telecaster, which was beautiful), a customised Ibanez Musician (heavy, very heavy, but wonderful sound), a BC Rich Warlock and Beast (people at college owned them), at least two Flying V-based guitars, an Explorer Copy, an Ovation double-neck (12 and 6 string) an Ashton 12 String (cheaper make, played very well, sounded good), numerous Freshman Acoustics (I own one, a very nice one), an Ibanez SA (lovely player, VERY comfortable), an Ibanez Joe Satriani Model (not to my taste, but a very good guitar nonetheless), a Schecter Diamond Series (very impressed by), a few Les Pauls (including a really nice Epiphone(!) Black Beauty Custom (three pickup)) and Les Paul Copies, a couple of SG's and SG Copies, an Ibanez SZ, a Danelectro Pro '59, a vintage Gibson ES-345 (1976 model - walnut finish) and ES-125 (1954 model, lovely if in need of some work) and quite a few others I'm undoubtedly forgetting and that's before I start including basses.

BC Rich Mockingbirds probably are comfortable. As are the Assassins. Warlocks and Beasts just are not comfortable guitars to sit down with. The necks for me are far too skinny and then there's the faffing around with the locking trems. Would you recommend a locking trem for a beginner? I sure as Hell wouldn't - I know how to use those things, I've set up guitars with them and played a few and I've never liked them. Most BC Rich's have a locking trem of some description and that is something that I would really not I would inflict upon a beginner. Even without the locking trem, there's enough scope for me to really recommend something like an Ibanez SA over a BC Rich. On the list above I mentioned I'd played one. A friend owns it. For a budget(ish) guitar it's got a really great feel, it's comfortable, easy to play and sounds pretty good - my friend has since changed the pickups; but the stocks were good if unspectacular. Based on the needs of the request, I really would recommend any solid-body Ibanez over a BC Rich in a heartstroke. Even the quality of build is better.

I don't have an axe to grind against BC Rich. They've made some decent guitars, but I really don't think they're a good choice for a first guitar - I really do not think they are. Once you've learned to play and know what you want, if you want a Rich, go for it. That's cool - you've made a decision, but for a first guitar, something more conventional is the best option. Something comfortable, easy to play, well built and that sounds good and an Ibanez SA fulfills all of those criteria.
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