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Default Re: Starting Guitar......

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Get yourself an Ibanez SA or RG, or in fact any Ibanez for your first guitar if you're going to play metal. BC Rich's aren't as comfortable (amongst other things) to play with sitting down and that's how I recommend you start.
nah dude, It depends on what BC Rich model you are talking about. The Warlock, even though it looks uncomfortable, is actually by far the most comfortable guitar ive ever played. The shape at the bottom allows you to put it over your left leg as you would do with a footstool, but you dont actually have to buy a footstool. The necks are also very comfortable to play on. And also the warlock is a neck through guitar (the neck and the rest of the guitar is all one piece unlike most guitars where the neck is seperate).

If you wanna go a little higher quality than those, i would suggest buying a Schecter. At the moment i own a Schecter C-1 Classic and it is amazing. Not only is it a neck through gutiar, but it also comes with Seymour Duncan Humbuckers. Along with that, it can be used for hardcore metal, or a clean jazz. Also, it is one of the nicest guitars ive ever seen with its amazing finish and "vine of life" inlay. Only problem is it has only 2 little knob things to adjust the volume and stuff.
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