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Default Re: Where do you Rehearse and Why

I play with two bands. I shuttle my drums between three main locations. When I practice with the Blues band, I play in a 12 by 12 three season porch at the guitar players house (1/2 mile from my house) We all somehow manage to cram in there. When I play with The String Band (contemporary Bluegrass/Jam Band) We play in several locations. Sometimes at a farm in Oxford Connecticut (cows and chickens and crops,Corn and the like) and sometimes by the beach at the Connecticut shore in Madison. We sometimes practice outside (I like practicing outside the best). I privately practice at home in my MAN CAVE (my wife hates that word, that's why I use it often) I built a studio on the lower level of my raised ranch. I almost never leave there unless I'm working or practicing at the above local's. My TV, Fridge and computer are also there with my kit. The Blues Band gigs in clubs. The String Band Gigs at Hippy parties or at outdoor Festivals. I love my dual life, I love my fellow musicians. I love my Wife and Kids. I wouldn't change my life for anything! I enjoy this forum and all its members also. The Why part of the question? Why! Thats just the way that it is man. There is no answer.
I kind of like old drums:)

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