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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

I was waiting to see who might of noticed this cymbal:}

Quite a story behind it as always but to keep it short. It is indeed an ULTRA rare sample at this weight and was sitting in storage since produced specifically at this size and lighter weight by Agop for the local Canadian Agop distributor a few years back only to be spotted and tested by me yesterday during some moving of stock well connecting with the distributor on another cymbal related matter. I instantly fell in love with it's sound.

Yes it is very light for a 24" SE TW Jazz Ride at 2534g probably the lightest they made at this size but here's the BIG surprise guys THE STICK SOUND. First off the woody defined stick click sound is to die for sitting on top of the deepest richest sounding wash i've heard to date on a Agop ride cymbal. Sure it has some wash but it's not really trashy but very dark, smooth in overtones combined with a deep amazing shimmer of highs and lows in the mix. Never builds up to the point of overtaking the stick sound but creates a wonderful full cushion of underwash to play off. The crash sound is very responsive and sounds like an entire orchestra of pleasing overtones when it opens up.

When I tested it on it's own I noticed the stick sound right away and tried hard to see at this weight if it could get lost played hard. No go it stayed put. I was truly impressed. It must relate specifically to the very detailed hand labour work ie: hammering/lathing on this larger thin ride cymbal to have pulled this off being none to easy of a task to do at this weight and size you can well imagine. However the artisans at Agop achieved it which is truly impressive in my view.

Used it today with a quartet and it really sounded wonderful with other instruments. The low fundamental pitch of this 24" ride really makes it easy to blend in and hear the other instruments in a acoustic jazz setting even when played hard for up swing.

A rare ride cymbal beauty that crossed my path I will treasure for sure.


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