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Default Re: Steve Gadd

A few people here have had the honor to meet him. I wish I had. From the posts I have read, he is one hero that is approachable.

Considering his kit really hasn't changed significantly in 20 years from the sam basic Yamaha configuration, it's amazing the things he comes up with. He is 100% a musicians and a vocalists drummer. And a drummers drummer.

He is responsible for some powerful and influential, nay iconic or legendary drum parts on countless recordings.

Some people don't "get" Gadd. But he is not just a groover, it's as if every note that he plays is not only vital to the music, but never excessive. He is able to apply his cornucopia of styles and versatility in a way that makes you tap your feet and really feel the music.

I doubt there are many drummers before or now that are as universally respected as Steve Gadd.
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