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Default Where do you Rehearse and Why

I'm curious where you guys with bands rehearse, and why you rehearse there.

Right now my band is rehearsing at the bass players house. I want to rent a room, as does the lead guitarist. We rehearse Tuesday and Thursday, and I have to move my equipment each night, the room we want is $150 a month split between 5 people, we would have 24 hour access to the room and play as long and loud as we want. The best part is that everything would be ready to go, just walk in and play, no setting up or tearing down.

Our bass player is reluctant because he doesn't want to have to drive or pay his share which would be $30 a month. He also does not want to rehearse on weekends, (which would be easier for me), because he has another band he plays with on Sundays.

So for the time being we are stuck rehearsing at his house, let's hear from you guys.
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