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Default Re: Starting Guitar......

Originally Posted by darkstar442 View Post
Yea i am.... im making a band with my friend who plays just like me so i was wondering on some good tips for a starting death metal guitarist... im thinking about getting a bc rich warlock guitar.... so give me all your good tips on how i can become very good at death metal playing
I use to own a Warlock. For the cost its a very nice guitar, and extremley comfortable to play, but it seems to me like you only want that guitar for its looks, is this true? I ask this because when buying a guitar or any instrument it should not be about the look, it should be the sound.

My adivice is to get a teacher. Also, if you have comcast On Demand, go to the music section and go to guitar lessons.

If you need any help or advice feel free to ask me, ive only been playing for about 3 years so im still not that good yet.
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