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Default Re: Starting Guitar......

to me, of you go into guitar wanting to be a guitarist for a metal band, that plays deadly riffs and all that, you wont get anywhere....because, once you pick a guitar up, you'll want to play a metal song...and there are alot of metal songs that i cant touch, and im pretty good on guitar(not to be bragging...just saying)

i think you need to go into it with an open mind and like MFB said, learn all the basic chords, scales, all the basics....then go from there on the metal part.

i started out with a Schecter Omen 6. and still have it...i love that guitar...its an awesome guitar, feels so good and comfortable, and just sounds really good too!

and like MFB said, Ibanez is an awesome brand too....anything Ibanez would be pretty good...

and your talking about jamming with a band right?
so that means you'll need a bigger amp than just a 15w practice amp...

heres some amps i would suggest....

the first one is a Tube amp. it is 60 watts of tube power. but tube amps push sooooo much more than Solid State. so that 60 watt tube amp, would sound like a 120 watt solid state amp...but it would sound better, more warm, open...not muddy. but for all that, it is more expensive.

but then you have the Solid State( = SS). SS amps are great, cheaper, and more popular.
if you turn a SS amp up, it will start sounding muddy. now, i dont mean like 4 or 5...but 6-10, it will sound muddy, and not very good. but if you have 120w, i doubt you'd need it past 5. but for all that, it is less expensive.

hope i helped a bit....ask some more if you need!

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