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Default Re: Visiting NY next summer - need help with a place to stay + drum teachers!

An affordable summer in NY is not the easiest thing to do. NY is incredibly expensive these days. You may be able to find a sublet through the Village Voice. It would be cheaper to live out in Queens. Somewhere on the 7 subway line is best. You probably will also need to get a job, and practice space. The Studio on 30th St has cards with rehearsal space at 7.00 an hour. There are also a couple of guys who rent out monthly spots. Check The Village Voice.

As far as drummers go, check their websites and contact them that way. Summers can be very busy for performing drummers and it will be too early to work out schedules. Truthfully, I think that you should talk to several drummers that you are interested in working with and concentrate on working with one teacher for the whole summer. You could do a weekly or perhaps a bi-weekly lesson since you're loaded, ahem wink wink. .Both Dom and Tommy are good choices; neither one of them is in the city, so you would need to truck out to the suburbs for lessons. Not a problem though, as both are accessible via public transportation.

You won't have a problem getting into most places; but some may have a 21 and over policy. There will still be plenty to do.There are a lot of free concerts all summer long, the River to River Festival, Central Park Summerstage, Celebrate Brooklyn, Lincoln Center's American Music Festival. There's the JVC Jazz festival in June. and Jazz at the 92 St Y in July.Many of the clubs are very expensive, 50 bucks a set. Of course, you can see Tommy Igoe every Friday at Birdland for $15.00. If you study with him, you should get a standing reservation for the whole summer.

I would also contact Pat Petrillo via the Drummer's Collective or through his thread at the drummers spot.
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