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Hi guys,

Well first of all I want to say Opeth is one of my favorite bands, and I must say, they are very good at composing, playing, and kicking ass :P

I have discovered the band in their early days, some time in 1998 with Morningrise and I've followed them all along since now, and yes Lopez's departure was a great loss for Opeth. If you have seen the Lamentations DVD, you can see that Martin seems to be smoking a lot (always having a lit up cigarette in his hands when being interviewed), plus I read he has a hereditary problem, those "panic attacks". I believe this is caused by a over-amount of stress with touring added to a lack of sleep and what not...

It doesn't mean he can't play drums (on the contrary!), however he cannot stand too much stress I guess, so it would be the reason why he couldn't continue anymore...

I would say that all his work in Opeth is excellent, because he has always put his heart to the music, and we can feel that through their songs.. My arms your hearse has really a great ambiance, since it was his first record with them he might have been shy of doing whatever he wants, but you can see his style much more starting from Still life... Then it becomes more and more sophisticated with Blackwater Park, which is one of the best work they have ever done in my opinion, then Deliverance and Damnation are SO amazing (one day I have listened to deliverance 3 times in a row!)

Ghost Reveries is good but I felt something was missing in this record...

Now that I have Watershed, I can say Axe is really good, and they are still very strong. I really enjoy listening to this album.. It reminds me of MAYH a bit...
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