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Default Visiting NY next summer - need help with a place to stay + drum teachers!

Hello people!
I just recently won a pretty good amount of cash (talent award thingy! Yay!). I decided that I want to use the money to learn more about my instrument and to get inspired to improve my drumming. Therefore - Im planning on visiting New York! Ive been there once before, and I truly loved everything about the city. The only difference this time, is that Im paying for it myself!
Can you guys help me with my following questions?

First of all - do you guys know of a cheap place to stay? I dont need a fance place, and Im more than willing to sleep in a sleeping hall with shared bathrooms or whatever, I really dont want to spend much on the place Ill be staying. After all - Ill be out all day!
The only thing Id really like is a place in Manhattan (I know, maybe too expensive), and Ive tried YMCAs rooms, but they were all full!
Im open for any suggestions, I just want to stay somewhere safe, cheap and with a storage locker or something for some gear (if its shared rooms or something!)

Second of all - my first priority with this trip is to take lessons from the great drummers of NY. Im just wondering - how do I get in contact with these drummers? Can you guys give me any help here?
Of course, my biggest dream would be to take lessons from the likes of Tommy Igoe and Dom Famularo etc, but I know this might be aiming a bit too high. BUT please, if you have any tips or anything - please help make this trip worth its while, hehe!

And last, but not least - I want to go to a lot of concerts. At the Blue Note, Birdland, a broadway show and other places! Im just wondering, will I have troubles getting in to these concerts? Ill be 19 years old at the time, and Ive heard that you might have troubles, if youre under 21? I dont drink, so thats not a problem...
What are your experience with this?

Thank you so much for your time reading all this! And please, if you have some gold you want to share with me, regarding New York, please do! I really want to explore the city!

Yours sincerely,
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