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The worst thing about people insulting Joey Jordison is that he doesn't claim to be amazing. He just does a style of drumming that he and the Slipknot audience enjoy.

But besides that, when people insult Jordison they aren't doing it based on HIS skill. They are insulting him because they don't like the band which is ludicrous.

I have seen Joey Jordison play a proper solo and he is actually incredible. I don't doubt that he can hold his own against the greats. He does usually play in standard 4/4 from what I can tell but he has incredible technical skill and in that regard he may even beat out people such as Portnoy, Moon, Carey, and Peart.

Joey Jordison is an immaculate drummer skill-wise. I just don't think he has the creativity that people like Portnoy and Carey demonstrated or showmanship that people like Moon demonstrated.
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