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Default Re: Ryan Van Poederooyen

Originally Posted by Doom View Post
Hey Ryan,

Im listening to Non-Human Level right now on myspace, thanks to your link. Thanks for providing another cool metal band for those of us who hadnt heard of you. I'm gonna listen to Terror Syndrome in a sec when NHL is over.

My question is: does Peter Wildoer sing all the vocals? Both the low and high growls? Thanks.
Yo Doom,

To answer your question... Peter Wildoer does all the vocals and the low and high growls on that record. It was always a dream for Peter to sing on a Metal Record and Non-Human Level was his chance to do it. I think he did an amazing job, especially the WASP cover.... he sounds like a heavier version of Blackie Lawless... killer!!!! Peter's a pretty talented dude, great singer and one helluva a drummer!!!

As for Terror Syndrome, I hope you enjoy it bro. It's some pretty heavy stuff with some great playing from the guest appearances. I'm very proud of the record and hope to be supporting it on tour soon. Thanks for the support, it's much appreciated. Keep smashin' them skins!


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