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Hey Guys im new to drummerworld.. and its by far the best forum yet. Virgil Donati is surley an incredible player, but i totaly understand how you think hes all showy chops. There is two types of musicians in my book ones that have the gift and can play great from day one... and the one who cant really play at first, but have a passion to play and learns everything he can to become great. The people with the natural gift have the ability to groove. there just naturals at it. The people who strive to become great didnt have that ability to groove at first and were taught by the book. I believe, from what i have seen and heard, that self taught "naturals" just have more of a feel for music and there is soo much more emotion behind it.
People who were taught by the book just sound like they are playing by the book without the emotion in it. Yeah they are incredible by theory standards but they just dont have the same feel. I know there is exceptions but for the most part this is what i have noticed. just my 2 cents for ya
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