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Default The Drumbassadors

I just did a search but could not find them.

Anybody into them? I am a huge fan - I've watched all their clips and have the book that Rene Cremers wrote (Drummers Inspiration) which is a great book with nice play-along tracks and great drumming (obviously).

I started to learn and transcribe "heavy shit" which is just insane... As soon as I can, I'll be taking lessons with Wim de Vries who is teaching in the Netherlands (I'll have to drive for 3 hours to get there...).

Really great drumming, very nice guys and probably the best drumshow ever - the way everything is composed and then played is just nuts. Also, how many sounds they use - sticks, brushes, malltes, hands, scratching on the snaredrum, muted and open sounds... WOW!!! And everything is happening so seemlessly as if its the easiest thing in the world.

If you haven't heard about them, check them out!

What do you think about them?
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