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Default i'm back gigging...

hey chaps...

so it's been a pretty tough year and a bit for me, after my friend and band mate died suddenly i wasn't sure i wanted to keep playing, making music.

but i did...and its feels reallly really good to be back on stage....

(check out the 'space drum' best thing ever....)

we decided to start again, just the 2 of us, which is a really hard, but we seem to be getting somewhere slowly.

i have a few demos here they're just demos, recorded in our practice room, all done live, just the 2 of us. they're pretty rough and the vocals are a bit crap, but it gives an idea of our new direction. it can be pretty hard singing behind the beat and playing along to machines, but practice makes good...lemme know what you think of the new stuff......

just wanted to say thanks to the people on here who gave me support, if your in london come down to a show. i'll buy you a beer, you can show me how to play the drums better...

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