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Hey, the guy has talent...

Sure, there are drummers out there who can do alot more in terms of chops, groove and general all round ability, but Joey is an excellent drummer and not only that, his style is pretty much unique as far as metal goes.

You automatically recognise his playing style and drum sound (especially with his snare) and that is something he can really feel he has achieved. Fair enough if you hate Slipknot or even if you don't dig Joey's drum tracks, but he has influenced ALOT of young drummers with his style of play and his more individual sound.

Indeed many drummers match and surpass him as far as speed is concerned and solo ability (look at the chops on JoJo Mayer for instance!), but Jordison is a solid, full article as far as the metal drumming is concerned (possibly more styles for all I know?). And he has honed his own little niche IMO.
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