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Default Re: Ironwood drum set

Originally Posted by DamoSyzygy View Post
Haha great description.

DMC - I bet that thing is darn heavy and extremely loud?
Yes, very heavy and very loud. The drums are small - 18 bass, 14, 12, 10 and 8 toms, 13 by 4 snare - but they have the weight and sound of much larger drums. They're also square sized, so you really hear the ironwood sound. I promise I will get some sound clips up soon.

Aydee, that is a pretty cool tree you photographed. Ironwood is a generic name for any extremely hard wood, but I bet you could make a shell out of just about any kind of wood. I believe the heaviest, densest woods come from hot, dry climates. Something tells me ironwood is too dense to be shaved into plies so staves or solid shell would be the only way to go.

Drumsword, I know you are a spiritual person. When I got these shells I did thank God for creating the tree and for safeguarding the loggers and craftsmen to risked their safety to create the drums. The tree was about 300 years in the making and I will cherish these drums for the rest of my life.
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