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Default Re: Think there's an album release in the works...

Originally Posted by youenjoy00myself View Post
Sweet! Sounds awesome zach. Your playing is great and I'm sure this album will sound great. I'm guessing it's a collection of jazz tunes?
Yup, quite a few jazz standards like "Dearly Beloved", "Day In, Day Out" and Skylark", but one thing I like about this particular group is that we also do some Latin stuff and some songs by non-jazz artists.

For example, we do a great Samba arrangement of the standard "Cry Me a River", and I did some arrangements/reharmonizations of the Beatles' "Across the Universe" and two tunes by Tom Waits.

At live shows, we also do arrangements of tunes by Radiohead, the Beach Boys, The Church, Feist, and Sting.
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