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Default Re: Travis Barker

travis barker is a personal hero of mine. you all bash him for not being as "technically proficient" as terry bozzio or neil peart, but that's not the point! travis has his style down, and it's his own style! it's his own mixture of jazz influence, hip-hop, and even a little drumline. he has a very solid feel, and he has a groove all his own. his beats make you nod your head, and thats what music is about. if it makes you sing along or tap your foot, its a good beat, no different than neil pearts prog-solos in sub-divided time signatures.

and yeah, he probably isn't amazing at drumline stuff, but thats becase he isn't trying to be!
he focuses on improving his own style. he's not in it for the fame, he's in it because he likes to play the drums! besides, he's got more style and groove than most of you guys.
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