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Originally Posted by m1ck View Post
Bernhard at al,

I copied-and-pasted those exact words from someone else in another thread, just to see how he would respond to them here. I'm sorry, it was a trollish thing to do. I shouldn't post when I've been drinking.

I had raised the issue in the Portnoy thread about people who cry "over rated," basically asking where they get off. I saw the same member in this thread gushing over this particular drummer, and I wanted to see how he would react to his own words. I was bad.

For the record, Virgil is obviously a phenomenal drummer - a marvel to watch. I do not think he is "over rated" and frankly I would never say such a thing about any drummer, because I think that attitude reeks of immature arrogance. "My favorite drummer is better than your favorite drummer."

Perhaps it was reckless of me to try to make my point the way I did - maybe even sneaky. I'll behave myself in the future. Sorry, I didn't mean to cause any bad feelings.
Hi M1ck: For me it's all good - Thanks for writing this and clarifying.

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