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Default Re: My Custom Painted Ludwigs

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
and what do think of your snare? I got one too.
Well if you are talking about the Pearl, then I think it's amazing. It's one of the most versatile snares I've ever played, with respect to the price ofcourse. I can tighten it up and get that Chad Smith funk sound, where you can really tell that it's a steel snare, or I can loosen the batter head and get a fat rock sound from it. The Remo Controlled Sound works wonders too. The great thing about the snare, though, is that it is so bloody cheap! For its price, I'd say it's the best one around.

If you are talking about the Sonor Force 3005, it's the perfect side snare for me. I have it tuned really tight, and it obviously has less deep end than the Chad Smith Signature snare anyways, so it's perfect for funk, or even for chillout, or electronic music (kinda like Nerve).

I really like both these snares. What do you think of your snare?
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