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Default Re: Mike Portnoy

Where is the "rating" Is there an official rating scale that Mike has to much of?
I would love to know why people say he is over rated,I really don't get it, overrated by who or what?

Or is it the fact that he has so many fans?

Look you can love him or hate him who really cares but the fact is DT has one of the most loyal fan basses you can find.

he never claimed to be well rounded and can do it all in any interview I have read or seen.

He is however the perfect drummer for the band he is in. Isn't that what all of us want to be?

And one more thing the man is a showman, he knows ho to work a crowd.

All these other drummers you say are better, I would bet if you asked Mike he would agree. Watch some interviews about his influences, he tells you as it is, where he stole his licks. He pay tribute to these player and bands all the time.

I have had the privilege to meet him and the rest of the band a few times as well as his wife and kids. They are great people as far as I can tell from my limited exposure to them.

Anyway, I have learned of 30+ years of playing it is not about who is faster or who is crazier or who has the best this or that. It is about what happen when the individuals come together as a group.
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