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Default My Custom Painted Ludwigs

Hello everyone!

It has been a long long time since I last posted on this great site. I had this project where I was going to take off the wrap from my Ludwig Accent CS Combo and paint it.

Well I did, but I never got around to posting pics.

So here are the specs followed by the pictures. Tell me what you think.

Ludwig Accent CS Combo
16x22 Bass Drum
16x16, 11x13 Floor Toms
10x12 Tom

5x14 Pearl Chad Smith Signature Snare Drum
5x12 Sonor Full Maple Force 3005 Snare

14" Istanbul Agop Traditional Regular Hi-hats
16" Istanbul Agop Traditional Thin Crash
17" Istanbul Agop Traditional Medium Crash
10" Istanbul Agop Traditional Heavy Splash
20" Istanbul Agop Sultan Ride

Yamaha Flying Dragon Direct Drive Single Pedal

Ludwig, Yamaha, and Tama Stands

Stock Heads on Sonor Snare, REMO CS on Snare batter, Clear Ambassador on Reso
Remo Coated Ambassadors on all toms (batter) and Clear Ambassadors on resonant side.

Pearl Cowbell

Vic Firth David Garibaldi Signature Jam Master Sticks

I'm sorry if some are rather blurry.

Yes, these are my babies.
My New Old Kit:

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