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Default Re: if drummerworld were a party...

Originally Posted by Ironcobra View Post
Yeah, I'll gobble up you and your brushes ;)

I had an idea about this whole DW party...

Obviously with soaring gas prices and insane airline ticket prices, this will never happen, but what we could do, is have a cyber party thread (star trek geek?). Everyone comes online at a pre-established time one night, and everyone just talks on one thread? (I'm thinking about 300 posts by the end of it)

And I'll probably be the only one drinking, but at least no one can steal my juices over the internet. (this is a pre-party apology for anyone that I verbally demolish)
you know, i took one idea ive had in my head

and ironcobra is making it a cyber fest of sorts

i have a webcam. im in
Howard Roark is my main man.
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