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Default Re: if drummerworld were a party...

Originally Posted by aydee View Post

if its DB's neck o' dah woods, I'd make it a whole day affair and drag Teeg, Katman, and Negretty, all drummerworld/golfers to one of Phoenix's incredible golf courses..( the Phoenician ?, Cory, that a good one.. )

Back at sundown at DB's, we'd set up a table outside, away from the party bustle ( all the madness would all be around Jon Cable's & MFB's table), and set up some real exotic brew pitchers, some spicy Indian chicken tikka snacks to keep the thirst going, and a couple of spare seats.

Now we'd be all set and wouldn't have to move an inch.

As the evening wears on, we'd invite all the pros for a drink to our table. One by one we'd pick their brains & ask them PEOPLE magazine- type- questions, confirm all the sleazy rumors about them, ask them about their favorite this n' that, and talk about their playing.

Many pitchers and many pros later, we'd finally drag Jon & MFB over, and start drinking whatever they'd be drinking, because that would be good...

... and then the party could truly begin, and I'd then catch up with all my buddies & all the other incredible people on this forum..

oh, and I forgot to add, at some point during the festivities, I'd suggest we make 'odd pairs' and have them do impromptu drum duets, on the two Yamaha Absolute Maple Custom kits placed , facing each other on DB's porch.

e.g. Gruntersdad & Matt Smith
Iron Cobra & Jay Norem
Jeff Almeyda & Drummer Karl
Jazzgregg & Metal Overlord
..etc.. you get the picture..

After this gala event, everyone under16 would be asked to assemble on the porch and be bussed home.

Then the lap dancing would commence.

DB, let us know the date.

the date is octover 24th (day AFTER my 16th bday.. Zman doesnt want to miss out on that action)
Howard Roark is my main man.
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