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Default Re: Show Off Your Yamaha....SNARE DRUMS!

My Yamaha snares:

14x3,5 Yamaha brass piccolo (the pre decessor of the Garibaldi Sig)
13x6,5 Yamaha birds-eye maple prototype (at the end they never used birds-eye on production models, only on the 100 Centennial 1889-1989 kits) It has the sensativity of the new ''Sensative'' line.
10x5 Yamaha custom (transforemd stage custom with maple custom strainers and a kick ass sound one of my oldest snares for over 5 years)
12x5,5 aluminium (no Yamaha, but a ass kickin favourite :P)

On the wish list:
A Yamaha Custom snare (or multiple, like a 13 and 10)
Bamboo 14x6,5 or 12x6,5
Peter Erskine 10x3,5 sig.
Akira original maple sig,
Carbon Custom snare that was made for Tommy Aldridge.
Vinnie Colauta sig
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