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Default Re: if drummerworld were a party...

I would deffinitley be over in the jazz snob corner with britt, tom, karl and some others :P and I would be right there with youenjoy00 on the tony williams convo too :P

Hey man, I toootaaaaaly appreciate Jeffw, that guy is non stop with the help and sound advice, JEFF I LOVE YOU! hahah

Originally Posted by Dethcake View Post
I would probably get mocked because I would be the 17 year old who plays Metal and everywhere I go (drum shops especially) there's some Jazz punk who has to make a smart ass comment.
Ehh I highly doubt the only one around here.... Im a jazz cat myself and I cant stand all the disrespect between metal and jazz players, I personally dont care what you play, its about technique, approach and practice regime.
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