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Default Re: if drummerworld were a party...

There would be a number of different cliques, and which the members would pretty much just hang out with each other, except Bernhard he's the life of the party, he's everywhere.

You'd have the metal heads, headed by Iron Cobra in one area.

Then there is the popular kids, the pros that post on here, and Dan Britt is the leader of this crowd. Strangely they are all matching wearing football jerseys.

And of course, over by the punch bowl are the snobby elitest rich kids (joke) talking about Miles Davis, is the jazz (mainly just bop) crowd headed by Steamer. Honestly, I don't really fit into this crowd , I don't even own one Miles Davis album!

Who can forget, the WFD championship duo, who have a corner to themselves where they just do 60 sec singles runs on a pad (another joke). They double in and out of the jazz crowd, and are the two guys who aren't quite popular (pro), but getting there.

Then there is the most unappreciated guy in the whole party, and that would be Jeffw.

DB and Nutha Jason are like the parents watching over the whole thing,

That's all I can think of now

Oh and there is the stave crowd headed by DMC where they just go around poke fun at plywood drums.
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